Kratos Analytical – World leader in surface analyisis
AXIS Supra (XPS) surface analysis instrument AXIS SupraTM is an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) with unrivalled automation and ease of use for materials surface characterisation. The patented AXIS technology ensures high electron collection efficiency in spectroscopy mode and low aberrations at high magnifications in parallel imaging mode. XPS spectroscopy and imaging results can be complemented by additional surface analysis techniques such as: ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS); Schottky field emission scanning Auger microscopy (SAM) and secondary electron microscopy (SEM) and ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS). The AXIS Supra replaces the AXIS Ultra DLD as Kratos’ flagship x-ray photoelectron spectrometer
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InSitu TEM Sample Management Solutions. DENSsolutions combines the resolving power of the advanced TEM’s with controlled nano-scale stimuli environments. Using the latest in MEMS based technology, we enable unrivaled stability and control to enable you to perform your dynamic experiments with maximum reliability. DENSsolutions has engineered a range of robust, reliable and easy-to-use systems that allow you to focus on obtaining the best results
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EDAX is a leading provider of innovative materials characterization systems encompassing Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS), Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD),Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS), and Micro X-ray Fluorescence (Micro-XRF).
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Oxford Instruments
Oxford Instruments provides the world’s leading platform for microanalysis on the electron microscope. We provide solutions for Energy Dispersive Microanalysis (EDS), Wavelength Dispersive Microanalysis (WDS) and Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD).
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Due to miniaturisation in semiconductor technology, optics, micro-mechanics, medicine, gene- and bio-technology, highly precise positioning techniques are becoming increasingly important. Our products meet and exceed customer's requirements, offering them a new level of precision.
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Quorum Technologies Ltd is the market leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing sample preparation and cryo preparation products to support electron microscopy (EM) instruments.
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