Microscopy ElectrophysiologyContact Person: Avi Jacob | Moshe Gabso | Irit Mizrachi

Perfusion and temperature control
From ALA Scientific Instruments - Valve controlled perfusion systems for any mission, slice recording chambers, temperature control solutions and more
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From Olympus - Stable and sturdy this is the field standard platform for electrophysiology - ready for any accessory
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Pipette fabrication
Pullers and glassware from Sutter Instrument - Developed through years of experience with the Flaming/Brown style micropipette pullers and infused with leading edge technology.
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Motorized micromanipulators, fixed stages and microscope translators - Sutter Instrument provide state of the art products of the highest relieability so you'll never lose a cell. PRIOR provide a unique motorized stage with adjustable height and long X-Y travel.
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Optogenetics tools
In-vivo and in-vitro optogenetics tools based on high power LEDs including pattern illuminators, fiber coupled LEDs, multi-wavelenght LED light sources and more
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Data acquisition
From CED - Data acquisition hardware and software based on more than 40 years experience.
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