Microscopy ConfocalContact Person: Jude Frajdenrajch | Avi Jacob | Moshe Gabso | John Zion | Irit Mizrachi

Designed for live cell imaging with 120-nanometer resolution, the Olympus IXplore SpinSR10 super resolution imaging system balances speed, resolution, and efficiency in a single, flexible platform
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With the Olympus LEXT OLS5000 laser scanning confocal microscope, noncontact, nondestructive 3D observations and measurements are easy to produce. Simply by pushing the Start button, users can measure fine shapes at the submicron level. Ease of use is combined with leading-edge features to deliver an acquisition speed four times faster than our previous model. For customers with larger samples, LEXT long working distance objectives and an extended frame option allow the system to accommodate samples as large as 210 mm
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With the Olympus multi-photon resonance scanning FVMPE-RS, countless possibilities for deep tissue observation are finally realized. The system delivers unmatched combination of high-speed multi-color imaging with optimized excitation and sensitive detection, essential for capturing the dynamic in vivo response deep within the sample
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LEXT OLS4100 3D Laser Measuring Microscope
designed for nanometer level imaging, 3D measurement and roughness measurement. Magnification ranges from 108x - 17,280x satisfy the needs of today's researchers.
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FluoView FV3000
The FLUOVIEW FV3000 Series is designed to meet some of the most difficult challenges in modern science. With the high sensitivity and speed required for live cell and tissue imaging and the ease of use and flexibility required for microplate imaging and complex screening protocols, the FV3000 Series supports complete workflows from live cell 2D–6D (x,y,λ,z,t,p) imaging through image processing, like deconvolution, and analysis.
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FluoView FV10i Confocal Microscope
The unique FluoView FV10i is a fully automated confocal laser-scanning microscope. The completely re-engineered design of this microscope, integrated into a self-contained package with a variety of functions, enables even inexperienced and first-time users to perform easily and efficient high-quality confocal imaging. Olympus has made no compromises in ergonomics and image quality, using high-quality optical components and smart and easy software.
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